Expat Violence in Ecuador

San Pedro de Vilcabamba Ecuador: Criminals targeting expats, tourists detained
Posted on December 30, 2015
cronica.com.ec reported. After several days of basic operations of intelligence, the staff of the anti-Criminal Brigade (BAC) of the judicial police identified and captured the members of an alleged criminal organization dedicated to the assault of foreign persons residing in the parishes Vilcabamba and San Pedro.
According to the complaints lodged by those affected, three or four subjects with firearms amedrentaban to tourists and foreign people living or visiting these populous sectors of the city, and using the force is substituting their belongings, in some cases using excessive violence.
After the respective research and, with the collaboration of the office of the prosecutor, the agents of the bac raided three homes in the parish Vilcabamba, and obtained the arrest of three suspects, about whom there is the respective ballot of detention with investigative purposes, for the crime of association Unlawful.

And this from yesterday in Vilcabamba:
Vilcabamba Ecuador: Expat shot during home invasion in gated community
Posted on February 25, 2016
February 23 at 2:29am
With a very heavy and shaky heart I share this latest tragic news. At 8;30 pm last night, Joshua’s rented house in the Hacienda San Joaquin was broken into by 5 masked thugs. He was alone, and found them in his basement where he exercises daily. They had a shotgun and metal bars for weapons… he got smacked in the head, but managed to get the metal bar from them… then they shot him in the arm (elbow very damaged) and fled the scene… without anything. Anasha and I were right next door, visiting Chris and Lily when we heard the gunshot… the loudest I ever heard. Josh was screaming, so we run and find him bleeding profusely. We rushed him to Vilcabamba hospital, but they could only clean the ugly wound a little and give some sedatives. So we took him to San Augustin, and they also were not prepared to help him. So we went to Isidro Yara public hospital. We stayed til 3am and made sure with translations and support. They will operate tomorrow morning early.
We are all shocked to the core… no words for our feelings. Josh is also “blown away” literally and metaphorically…
I wanted to post this so everyone knows the story “as it happened”… we don’t know who it was and why or anything. You can send your best energy and love to Josh and all of his dear friends. SOURCE: FACEBOOK

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